The social platform for users to browse, create, own, and trade digital content, such as artwork, music, or videos, using blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.

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You must experience it

Our advanced 3D engine allows you to browse NFT content like never before. Immerse yourself in a world of unique assets, connect with a passionate community, and explore the future of NFTs in a whole new way.

NFT Frames

The ZENE's NFT frame section features an Instagram-like viewer, allowing you to showcase and view NFTs stunningly and interactively

Fullscreen View

Experience the full power and beauty of NFT art with our Fullscreen View

3D Explore

A groundbreaking way to explore NFT content in a virtual 3D space, providing a unique and immersive experience

Exclusive collectibles

Get ready to enter the world of exclusive NFTs, with The ZENE's special collections.

How to get started

Follow these simple four steps to get started with The ZENE.


Download the app

Go to the app store and download and install the ZENE on your device. At this moment the app is iOS-exclusive.


Create an account

Sign up for The ZENE by creating an account with your email address or social media profile.


Connect your wallet

Connect your crypto wallet to The ZENE to start trading NFTs. The ZENE supports various popular wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet.


Explore and create

Get ready to dive into The ZENE's 3D space and discover a world of unique and exciting content. And if you're feeling inspired, create your own NFTs to share with the community.

Effortlessly integrated in your digital wallet

All the benefits of blockchain technology.
With crypto-currency integration, we make it possible for creators and traders to monetise their content quickly and all within the same app.
We currently support Trust Wallet and Metamask.

No barriers between creators and traders

With our 3d search technology and multiple user identities, we make the matching of creators and traders immediate, automated, and intuitive. driven by users’ interests, not advertisers’ or other financial motivations.

*Please note that the visuals may differ from the final product as we are constantly improving and evolving.

Soon Everywhere

We're working hard to bring The ZENE to users worldwide; in the meantime, you can sign up to receive news about when The ZENE will be available in your area.

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